Book recommendation: Dinosaurs love underpants.

ingles divertido para niños

Book recommendation: Dinosaurs love underpants.

Para pasar tiempo con tus niñ@s y hacer cosas divertidas juntos

Reading is such an important and crucial part in learning a language. Whether children are being read to or are reading themselves, it makes them forget about the world around them and learn so much without even noticing.

One of my favourite stories to read to children is ´Dinosaurs love underpants´. This story gives a whole new perspective on how Dinosaurs disappeared from the earth and is sure to make children giggle.

Instead of the scientific explanation, this book tells the story of how Cavemen got ashamed of being naked and invented underpants. The dinosaurs got jealous of all the striped, fuzzy, dotted and brightly coloured underpants and started stealing the cavemen´s underpants. But of course the underpants were too small, and dinosaurs started ripping the underpants until only a few remained. The Dinosaurs started fighting day and night for the last pairs, they fought and fought until they all died and became extinct.

Not only is the story funny and kids will love it, there is so much vocabulary to learn. Kids learn all about the different kinds of dinosaurs in English, textures and prints of clothing and parts of the dinosaurs are mentioned.

The book is sold in El Corte Inglés as well as on their website.



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